Anal Stretching Rings

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Anal Stretching Rings Description

How long did we have this one on the ‘to do list’? About 10 years….. Finally we were able to develop the shape we wanted, which is why you might see others copying our design. We invented the anal stretching ring and that’s why we love this product. The plastic is a clear rigid urethane that we chose because it is exceptionally strong and offers great clarity and durability. The Anal Stretching Rings are sized according to the bore through the center. They are sold in a set of three with the smallest being on the order of a medium butt plug. These are not designed for the ‘anal virgin’. If you can not comfortably take a size medium butt plug then you should first work up to that before using the Anal Stretching Rings. You are ordering one set of rings in size small, medium and large. Hand made by Rupert Huse & Son, Inc. in the USA!

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