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PosTVac OZ Bands – Set of 2 – Large – High Tension (22mm) …

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PosTVac OZ Bands – Set of 2 – Large – High Tension (22mm) … Description

Size:’B’ Large – High Tension (22mm) Erectile dysfunction is a reality for many men. There are many factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction, and 4 out of 10 males over the age of 40 experience it. Many turn to creams, pills, or other supplements to help solve the problem. Often these solutions take time to work or are simply ineffective. The inability to get an erection can lead many men to become defeated. Vacuum pump technology helps men gain and keep an erection naturally. The process mimics the body’s natural process to get an erection. The powerful suction draws blood into the penis, so men get a natural, firm erection that lasts 30 minutes. Whether an erection is obtained using this vacuum method or through pills, creams, or supplements, a tension ring can help men maintain the erection. Just place the tension ring onto the base of the penis to keep the erection longer. Once finished, remove the tension ring using the looped handles to slide it off the penis. The erection will naturally subside. These rings are designed to be used with most vacuum pump systems and with prescriptive or over-the-counter medication. There are 2 types of ‘OZ’ Bands available: standard and high. Standard rings are yellow and have more flexibility to ease loading and provide more comfort. High bands are pink and have a tighter fit, resulting in a stronger hold. Both strengths are designed with durable construction and unique features. This set of 2 rings is the standard size. They are shaped to apply tension in key areas while relaxing constriction in others. Internal surfaces have 2 knobs to apply pressure to the upper veins of the penis, allowing men to hold a firm erection. The urethral notch on the lower portion allows space for the ease of climax and reduces blockage during release. Due to health regulations, these products may not be returned or exchanged. Stop being afraid of intimacy, and take control. Each ‘OZ’ Band tension ring can be used between 30 and 35 times. We offer a 30-day limited warranty.

PosTVac OZ Bands – Set of 2 – Large – High Tension (22mm) … buy

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